The final draft of the 2014 Maine Republican Party Platform is now available. Click here.

The information below is no longer current.


Dear Maine Republicans,

The Standing Rules Committee has completed the first part of the process towards drafting a new platform that will be voted on at our next Republican Convention.  Following official rules, each county Republican committee had a representative to help craft this draft document.  They, along with representatives of the Republican members State Legislature, Governor Paul LePage and US Senator Susan Collins, met throughout the summer and reached out to the various county Republican committees to help develop this draft document.

Is it done? No. Now you have your chance to help improve our Maine Republican Party Platform.  Registered Maine Republicans can use the attached form to submit changes to the draft platform. You can suggest a wording change or suggest the removal of an entire plank or the addition of an entire plank. We want to hear from you.

You can make your suggestions between October 1, 2013 and March 15, 2014.  Please use the form provided as the Rules adopted at the last convention specify that the committee can only consider suggestions offered on that form. Then send your completed form to the Maine Republican Party at 9 Higgins Street Augusta, ME 04330.

Only those received by March 15, 2014 can be considered.  The Platform Committee will then meet to review and consider all the proposed changes.

Proposed 2014 Maine Republican Party Platform

Maine GOP Platform Revision Request Form

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